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PFL Petroleum is a full service Rail Car Company covering the North American Rail Market. PFL also provides brokerage Services for NGL Markets.

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Leasing and Sales

PFL Petroleum railcar inventory is comprised of all railcar types and is sourced from our vast network of leasing companies, asset managers, and shippers. We are a one-stop-shop for any fleet manager who needs to acquire rolling stock. We can also facilitate subleasing needs for car sets large and small. Our logistics experts are familiar with the challenges that shippers face when it comes to navigating the market and sourcing the correct car-type for any commodity.

Railcar Maintenance and Repair

PFL strives to provide a best-in-class mobile repair and maintenance program across the United States. Our crews are M-1002 and M-1003 licensed with C5 and C6 certifications.

Repair capabilities include:

- Valve and Gasket Rebuild/Replacement

- Bubble Leak Testing

- Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

- Inspection

- Wheel Replacement

- Air Brake Testing

- Painting

- Stenciling

Railcar Cleaning and Flaring

Our cleaning company, PFL Field Services, provides mobile railcar cleaning, flaring, and blasting services anywhere in the US and Canada. We have dedicated ourselves to the highest quality output with human and environmental safety as our top priority. We have years of experience working with urban short lines, refineries, rural protected land and storage yards. We specialize in crude tank car projects, but have worked with over 50 other commodity and railcar variations. All clients receive progress reports, confined space permits, cleaning certificates, insurance COI's and whatever else necessary. Inspection procedures entail black light, white glove or cotton swab tests, depending on the service the car is going into.

Railcar Scrapping

PFL offers mobile dismantling and scrapping services to car owners anywhere in North America. By scrapping on a mobile basis, customers can eliminate their transportation costs and cut down on shop dwell time. We strategically deliver scrap to steel mills with the highest demand and market rates to offer our clients top dollar for their end of life assets. At the end of each job, we utilize a magnet to ensure that there is no scrap left behind.

Railcar Storage

PFL Petroleum has aggregated shortline storage availability and market pricing across the North American marketplace. We work in conjunction with shippers, owners, and leasing companies to point cars at favorable geographic locations that offer the best value in terms of rates, ancillary services, switch timing, and future placement into the market.

Return on Lease Experts

Hundreds of thousands of railcars are on lease at any given time in North America, and every year a large portion of those must find an efficient way to be fit for new service, and get back into the hands of their owners, or a new end user. PFL offers a high-level perspective when it comes to navigating these challenges. We are active every day in the leasing markets and have a thorough understanding of short and long term trends for geographic car demand. We help lessors point cars in accordance with that demand so that after the cars are serviced they are easily re-leased. Our shortline clients benefit from the increased traffic, storage revenue, and the ability to offer future services on a mobile basis for their customers where stand-alone shops are not present. The shipper returning their cars will save on freight costs going to and from the shop, be provided with best-in-class services, and sleep well knowing that the project will be handled properly and efficiently.

NGL Brokerage

Our NGL and Crude desk works with products across the NGL spectrum, bringing together everyone from the small propane retailer, global chemical majors and producers. We find solutions on pipe, rail, barge or truck based on your company’s needs and level of flexibility. Our easyTRADE platform has physical hub markets as well as physical rail, barge and truck markets across the US bringing price transparency and enhanced liquidity throughout North America. With the aid of our rail group, we are uniquely positioned to offer product, transport and storage solutions across the entire NGL Spectrum.

Products Covered both physical and financial, including all North American Hubs.

- Ethane

- Propane

- Butane/iso-butane

- Natural Gasoline and Condensate

About Us.

In addition to both physical OTC (over-the-counter) and financial product brokering we offer a logistical service to help manage rail and truck fleets across North America. We stress teamwork in everything we do. While individual creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit are always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results. Our CME backed Trading platform, easyTRADE, affords our clients a secure and reliable platform to execute physical trades as well as manage railcar and storage needs through our electronic whiteboard.


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